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Site/Supervision Information

Your site supervisor plays a key role in your practicum/internship success.  Complete the form below, being sure to include all requested information for your current site/supervisor.   NOTE:  A new set of forms must be completed if your site changes.  Students should only have one site at a time. Multiple sites are not allowed. J-TERM Site Guidelines found here

Ethical and Policy Guidelines for Supervision:

Please read below and submit the form:

  • Site supervisors will not transfer weekly supervision to another person instead of the university approved supervisor without approval. The supervisee may seek additional supervision by qualified supervisors. However, this is additional supervision, not a substitute for the weekly, individual supervision provided by the approved site supervisor. The site supervisor will be available to students in person or by phone at all times and provide an alternative supervisor in case of any absence in supervision with complete contact information.
  • Site supervisors will work with the student to develop a Supervision Plan and conduct weekly, individual, structured, regularly scheduled supervision experiences relative to the plan.
  • If an emergency necessitates that the site supervisor cancel the regularly scheduled supervision session, please re-schedule within the same week if possible and make up the time with the supervisee.
  • Site supervisors will provide your supervisee with access to supervision at all times in case of emergency or crisis in the practicum/internship setting. You may maintain telephone or physical access. If you are not available, please appoint a substitute supervisor for the supervisee. However, if you are gone for more than 2 weeks, the substitute must be approved by the university practicum supervisor.
  • Site supervisors will review, verify, and sign the supervisee's practicum/internship log on a weekly basis during the supervision hour which verifies the supervisees work.
  • Site supervisors will monitor the supervisees direct and indirect counseling hours via the weekly log. A minimum of 40% of the practicum/internship required hours must be in direct counseling and a maximum of 60% of the hours may be indirect activities.
  • Site supervisors will contact the university practicum/internship supervisor immediately should any problems arise in the field that might affect the supervisee's grade, such as lack of skill development, unethical, unprofessional, or illegal behaviors. They will also make bi-weekly contacts with the university supervisor to assure supervisee progress.
  • Site supervisors will keep a set of supervision notes, copy of progress reports, and copy of midterm and final evaluations for their records and future liability issues. Please share these reviews with the student regularly and in writing with a remediation plan if necessary. Please work out all remediation needs with the university supervisor.
  • Site supervisors will provide weekly live observation or tape review of the supervisee's counseling skills. Please work with the supervisee on advanced counseling skill development relative to your setting. Video taping is required for Practicum Students.
  • Site supervisors will screen clients for the appropriateness and level of competence of the supervisee. Please assist the supervisee with obtaining advance client permission so that they may begin seeing clients at the start of practicum/internship experience.
  • The practicum/internship policy also indicates that the supervisee is to directly report abuse after consulting with the supervisor and not leave the reporting only to the supervisor.
  • The practicum/internship policy is that school counselor site supervisors must be school counselors who are currently practicing and certified at the appropriate level. In addition, they must spend a significant portion of their time actually counseling clients as opposed to management, clerical, and other non-counseling tasks.
  • The field of mental health counseling is open to supervision outside the field and believes there is something of value in cross discipline supervision from social work, psychology, psychiatry, expressive therapists, psychiatric nurses, family therapists, etc. The practicum/internship policy requires that the supervisee provide the site supervisor with a current copy of the American Counseling Association (ACA) Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice which is available at
  • Ethical standards indicate that counselors and other mental health professionals need to belong to their professional association. The practicum/internship policy strongly suggests that site supervisors belong to either their national or state professional association, such as the American Counseling Association or one of its Divisions, the Kentucky Counseling Association, the Kentucky School Counseling Association, or the professional association of their mental health discipline.

Site Supervisors: By entering your name and email address in the text boxes, you are agreeing with the information provided in this web form.

Copies of this page will be sent to the email address you have provided, the Practicum/Internship students EKU email address, and to the EKU Department of Counseling office to maintain records. If you have any questions about the use or intent of these forms please contact EKU’s Counseling Department at 859.622.1124.

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