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School Counseling Summer Internship

Required Verification of Site Criterion Form

In order for a school counseling site to be approved for summer internship placement, the following criteria must be demonstrated and certified by both the site supervisor and school administrator.

  • Verification that supervised internship will be in the student’s designated program area of study (school counseling).  
  • Begins after successful completion of practicum.
  • Assure that the internship experience will reflect the comprehensive work experience of a professional school counselor.

In addition, verify that the student’s internship includes all of the following:

  • The site is part of a school district that provides school counseling services and includes summer activities for students within the district who will be participating in said activities;
  • The student intern will be working with students who are part of the school district and will receive services during the summer program. 

Weekly interaction that averages one hour per week of individual and/or triadic supervision throughout the internship, performed by the on-site supervisor who holds a valid school counseling certificate, who is on-site and available the full 12 week term and who is responsible for directing the school counseling program in which the internship take place.

The qualified supervisor must verify that the experience is one where school counseling activities are a part of the experience and that these experiences are under their guidance throughout the time of the internship.

An average of 1 ½ hours per week of group supervision provided on a regular schedule throughout the internship and performed by a program faculty member.

Internship student will participate fully in the 12 week internship experience and will have site based experience for the full 12 weeks.


That the experience will provide the opportunity for the student to become familiar with a variety of professional activities and resources in addition to direct serve (e.g., record keeping, assessment instruments, supervision, information and referral, in-service and staff meetings) that are a part of a school guidance plan.

The student will do activities that are normally part of the regular school year.

That the site will provide the opportunity for the student to develop program-appropriate video recordings for use in supervision or to receive live supervision of his or her interactions with clients.

That the evaluation of the student’s counseling performance will be completed throughout the internship, including documentation of a formal evaluation after the student completes the internship by a program faculty member in consultation with the site supervisor.

These are the minimum expectations required for the site to be approved for a summer internship in School Counseling and these are confirmed as in place for this experience by the signatures listed below.

Site Supervisor Details
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