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Practicum & Internship

The processes of practicum/internship can be overwhelming!   But don't worry!   We are here to help!   Find necessary forms and documents on the menu to the left of your screen under Practicum/Internship.  

The application deadline for Summer 2019 placement is March 1, 2019

For more detailed information -- keep reading!  :)

Practicum/Internship Q & A video Session:  The following 30 minute video will help answer the most common quesitons about Practicum/Internship.   Grab some popcorn and click on the link to start. ‚Äč
 The Practicum/Internship Process can be confusing to navigate.  This webpage has been created to assist you.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to familiarize yourself with the current Practicum/Internship Handbook.  It is designed to answer most of your questions.  However, we are always here to help.   If you have questions or concerns, contact your advisor.   
Practicum and Internship Handbook


The following steps are required and verified to be completed. 
Step 1: Becoming Familiar with the Practicum/Internship Process (to be completed prior to submitting your application)
Step 2: Pre-Requisites (to be completed prior to submitting your application)
Step 3: Finding a Practicum/Internship Site? (to be completed prior to deadline dates listed above) Click here for Map of Practicum and Internship Sites (CMH and SC)
Step 4: Practicum/Internship Application
Step 5: Documentation of Experiences
Step 6: Post-Experience Evaluation
Step 7: For Clinical Mental Health Counseling Students ONLY: LPCA Application

Step 1: Becoming Familiar with the Practicum/Internship Process

It is VERY IMPORTANT to familiarize yourself with the Practicum/Internship Handbook.  It will answer many of your questions and enhance your experience.
Practicum/Internship Handbook (link will be updated soon)

Step 2: Pre-Requisites

DegreeWorks is an important tool in your student experience.  It helps you to know that you have met (or will meet) all pre-requisites prior to beginning your Practicum/Internship placement.  The Department will confirm the information as well.  Any pre-requesites not met will delay your application process.  Degree Works or Prerequisites for Practicum and Internship

Step 3: Finding a Site?

ALL Clinical Mental Health Counseling placements will be approved by Dr. Angela Spiers, Clinical Coordinator.  All School Counseling placements will be approved by Dr. Charles Myers, School Counseling Coordinator.  DO NOT contact any sites without prior approval.  EKU must approve the site before you can contact them as some sites are not appropriate or they do not have counselors with the right credentials, etc.
Once the site is approved by the clinical coordinator, it is the student's responsibility to contact the site to inquire about practicum positions. (Kind of like searching and applying for a job.)  When a site is found, complete the paperwork on the Department website.  Be sure to list the name and license number of the site supervisor.  You will receive an email to schedule a time to discuss your placement with the clinical coordinator.  Please be patient as this can take some time to verify information. 
Some schools/agencies require a State Police or FBI criminal background check prior to starting work. This can take up to six (6) weeks.  If required,  it is the student’s responsibility to verify and obtain a background check with the intended site at least two months prior to starting practicum/internship.

Practicum and Internship Sites (CMH and SC)

NOTE:  If you know a potential practicum/internship site that is not listed in our database, please contact your program's clincial coordinator.  We are always looking for new sites to serve the needs of our students.

Step 4: Practicum/Internship Application

Four (4) separate application forms (one additional as it applies to School Counseling) are required and must be completed prior to the semester deadlines.  You will find the forms listed below.  If you would like to intern in:
  • Fall 2018 - the deadline to apply is July 1, 2018
  • Spring 2019 - the deadline to apply is November 1, 2018
Follow these Steps to Apply for Practicum/Internship
  1. Submit all required forms (listed below) to the COU Office via email at
  2. After the Submission Deadline WAIT to receive an email from one of the Practicum/Internship Coordinator indicating your approval for enrollment in Practicum/Internship and approval status of your requested site.  During this time, the Coordinator will be looking over all of your information to ensure requirements have been met.  It may take a while but rest assured your information is being carefully considered.  You will not be allowed to 'officially' register for the course until you receive approval from the Counselor Education Department.
  3. Once your information has been approved, you will receive an email from the COU Office with instructions on how to register for the course. (Practicum COU 880 & Internship COU 881)
Practicum/Internship Forms
1. Practicum/Internship Application and Agreement
2. Practicum/Internship at Place of Employment Verification Form (If you are currently employed at your placement site, please complete this form)
3. Proof of Insurance  
4. Site and Site Supervisor Information and Guidelines for Supervision
5. School Counselor Summer Internship Application (Note: School Counseling Internships are not permitted during the summer months because schools are not typically in session during this time.  It is only accepted under extenuating circumstances.)

 Step 5: Documentation of Experiences

(to be completed during EACH semester of Practicum/Internship)
The following forms will be used to document your Practicum/Internship experience.  Please keep copies of these for your professional records.  The office is unable to provide copies.
  1. Counselor-in-Training Disclosure/Informed Consent Form
  2. Permission to Record Form
  3. Internship Summary Sheet and Counseling Log form
  4. Activity Hours Log Form
  5. Midterm Evaluation
  6. Final Evaluation
  7. Professional Counseling Performance Evaluation

Step 6: Post experience Site Evaluation

 (to be completed after EACH semester of Practicum/Internship)
Complete the Site Evaluation form at the end of your Practicum/Internship experience.
Site Evaluation Form

Step 7: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Students ONLY: LPCA Application

 (to be completed during the LAST semester of Internship)
This is a form you will complete to apply for licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate (LPCA).  Application for Licensure as an LPCA
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