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Practicum/Internship Online Process

This webpage has been created to assist you in submitting your practium/internship application and to provide explanation of the department process.  Please follow the directions and complete each of the steps in order. Below is a draft of the practicum and internship handbook, until approved by the department chair. If you have any questions please contact the office at 859-622-1124. Please note the deadlines for submitting the applications are as follows:

March 1st, for Summer semester placement

July 1st, for Fall semester placement

November 1st, for Spring semester placement

Practicum and Internship Handbook

Step 1: Becoming familiar with the Practicum/Internship Process

Step 2: Prerequisites

Step 3: Finding a site?

Step 4: Practicum/Internship Application

Step 5: Documentation of Experiences

Step 6: Post experience Evaluation

Step 7: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Students ONLY: LPCA Application

Step 1: Becoming familiar with the Practicum/Internship Process

(to be completed prior to deadline dates listed above)

 Please review the Practicum/Internship Handbook to learn about the Practicum/Internship experience.

Practicum and Internship Experiences Handbook (link will be updated soon)

Step 2: Prerequisites

 (to be completed prior to deadline dates listed above)

Go to DegreeWorks to make certain you have met (or will have met) all of the prerequisites prior to beginning your Practicum/Internship placement.  The department will be confirming this information as well. Degree Works
Prerequisites for Practicum and Internship

When you apply, the Department will check prerequisites. If not met, this will delay your application process.

Step 3: Finding a site?

(to be completed prior to deadline dates listed above)

As of 4/28/2015, ALL Clinical Mental Health Counseling placements will need to go through Dr. Spiers. NO one is to contact ANY sites without her approval.  An email will be sent out to all students in the next couple of days to begin setting times to discuss placements with them. I am still in the process obtaining summer placements and will not be able to begin discussing or knowing what sites will be available until the first week of summer semester.

This means, it is the student's responsibility to contact the site, EKU just must approve the site before you can contact them because some sites are not appropriate (they do not have counselors with the right credentials, etc). Therefore, once the site is approved by your clinical coordinator you may contact the site to see if they have any practicum positions and if they do you just need to fill out the paperwork on our department website with your site supervisor. 

Some schools and agencies may require a State Police or FBI criminal background check prior to starting work at the site. This can take over six weeks. If needed, the student must have this completed prior to the start of the clinical class. It is the student’s responsibility to check with the intended site at least two months prior to class to see about this requirement and fulfill it if needed.

School Counseling Sites

Mental Health Counseling Sites

If you have any questions please contact the clinical coordinator of your program. For Clinical Mental Health Counseling it is Dr. Angela Spiers ( and for School Counseling it is Dr. Charles Myers (

Please note: If you know of a potential Practicum/Internship site that is not listed in our database, please contact your program's clincial coordinator.  We are always looking for new sites to serve the needs of our students.

Step 4: Practicum/Internship Application

Online Practicum/Intership forms will be processed in the order received. All the forms below are required and must be completed prior to the deadlines April 15, June 1, and November 12.  Once the forms are completed, you will receive an email indicating your approval for enrollment in Practicum/Internship and approval status of your requested site. Once an override is given, you will need to enroll in the course via EKU Direct.

Practicum/Intership forms

1. Practicum/Internship Application and Agreement

2. Site and Site Supervisor Information and Guidelines for Supervision

3. Proof of Insurance  

4. Summer Internship Application (If you are applying for a Summer Internship in a school setting, please complete this form)

5. Practicum/Internship at Place of Employment Verification Form (If you are currently employed at your placement site, please complete this form)

Step 5: Documentation of Experiences

(to be completed during EACH semester of Practicum/Internship)

These are forms you will be using to document your experiences throughout the Practicum/Internship experience.  Please keep copies of these for your professional records.

Counselor-in-Training Disclosure/Informed Consent Statement

Permission to record and video tape form

Hourly recording form

Total Hours Form (page 34, need extra signed copy for permanent EKU Student file)

Midterm Evaluation

Final Evaluation

Professional Counseling Performance Evaluation (need extra signed copy for permanent EKU student file)

Step 6: Post experience Evaluation

 (to be completed after EACH semester of Practicum/Internship)

This is a form you will complete at the end of you Practicum/Internship experience

Site Evaluation Form

Step 7: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Students ONLY: LPCA Application & NCE Information

NCE Information - The National Counselor Examination (NCE) is used by NBCC for the National Counselor Certification (NCC) nationwide. In Kentucky the Board of Licensed Professional Couselors requires passing the NCE for the Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) credential. NBCC state information and NCE testing registration here. The NCE is similar in nature to the counseling program's required Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Exam (CPCE).

Application for Licensure as an LPCA -  This is a form you will complete to apply for licensure as a licensed professional counselor associate. (to be completed during the LAST semester of Internship)

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